Sparta WoodWorks is committed to managing its natural resources in an environmentally sensitive manner for the good of future generations. Being a wood products manufacturer, we support responsible efforts to manage forests to provide a mixture of benefits, such as clean water, timber, fish and wildlife habitat, soil conservation, outdoor recreation, and natural beauty.
We meet or exceed laws dealing with environmental areas, such as the EPA, OSHA, storm water legislation, etc. We voluntarily ask OSHA to periodically inspect our facilities for safety and health areas to improve.

We recycle wood waste into energy instead of smoke. Rather than purchasing electricity or oil to fuel our boilers, we use wood waste.

We recycle wood offal, or leftovers, into quality wood parts. This saves trees by reducing the amount of lumber we buy.

We reduce wood waste through our quality and productivity improvement process. By making more accurate parts and preventing waste at its source, we increase our ability to squeeze more parts out of every board.

We work with local schools to educate children on environmental issues in wood producsts industry.

We donate trees for beautifying our community.