Why outsource from Sparta WoodWorks?    

Sparta Woodworks offers the best value for your dollar. Our desire is to help you be better than your competitors, faster to your marketplace, and closer to your customers.

Our century of woodworking expertise makes you wiser.


• We guarantee the quality of your components
• We lower your poor quality costs
(scrap, rework, degrade).
• We don't sabotage your assembly budgets and schedules.

• We guarantee your shipment will be on time.
• We speed your response time to changing market needs.
• We lower your inventory safety stock with reliable deliveries.

• We expand your product offering without the capital investment.
• We lower the high cost of your new product introductions.
• We help you offer customers more hardwood species.

They are good people to work with, always doing their best.
— 27 year customer