Our Guarantee

100% good parts - or we replace them free.
100% on time or - we pay the freight.


To move the wagons of America through the turn of the 19th century, we made spokes from the hardest, most durable wood available – right in our own back yard. We haven’t made spokes in 60 years. But we use Appalachian hardwoods from the same forests, kiln-dried to the ideal moisture content, to make the most dependable hardwood components in the furniture industry.

As you enter our plant, a “Think Quality” sign is tacked straight and true on the wall. The sign is but a reminder of the quality culture that is a part of daily life at Sparta WoodWorks. You can hear the pride in the voices of our service representatives and see it in the eyes of our woodcrafters.


TABLE parts

• Accurate machining
• Smooth contouring
• Minimal assembly costs.


• Custom design capabilities for quick response to new market trends
• Solid mortise and tenon or dowel joints for chair durability


Table parts

Solid table components for minimal “in the field” complaints.


Sparta WoodWorks can handle any job from gamepanels to wood enclosure parts for pianos and musical pedal units. You can purchase hardwood gamepanels from Sparta WoodWorks by visiting our plant or by contacting us. Gamepanels are made from Walnut and Red Oak.